CNMG432-EF YBM153 (10 pieces)

CNMG432-EF YBM153 (10 pieces)
Item# CM-4220006570
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Product Description

Part Number: CNMG432-EF YBM153

ISO Type: CNMG120408-EF YBM153

Grade: YBM153. Chip Breaker: EF

Grade Description: TiCN + Al2O3 + TiN (CVD) Coated Fine Carbide

Workpiece Material (ISO): Stainless Steels (M05-35)

Dimension (inch): L=0.508, I.C.=0.500, S=0.187, d=0.203, r=0.031

Application: With the YBM153 grade and EF chip breaker, this insert is suitable for continuous finishing of stainless steels at high speeds in stable cutting conditions. It delivers great cutting performance with great surface quality.

Note: Product sold in packs of 10 units.

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