CNMG432-PM YBD152 (10 Pieces)

CNMG432-PM YBD152 (10 Pieces)
Item# CNMG120408-PM_YBD152
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Product Description

CNMG432-PM YBD152 (10 Pieces)
ISO Code: CNMG120408-PM YBD152

Chip Breaker: PM. Grade: YBD152

Grade Description: Thick TiCN + medium thick Al2O3 coating on carbide, has good flaking resistance. It is suitable for turning of cast iron at high speed, and light intermittent cutting can be supported even at moderate speed. a grade of Black Diamond Series for machining Cast Iron. ( black color).

Workpiece Material (ISO): Cast Iron (K05-K25)

Dimension (inch): L=0.508, I.C.=0.500, S=0.187, d=0.203, r=0.031

Application: Medium turning of cast irons at medium to high speeds in tough conditions.

Note: Product sold in packs of 10 units.

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