DCMT3(2.5)0-HF YBC151 (10 pieces)
For finishing of steels at high speeds and in dry condition
DCMT3(2.5)0-HF YBC251(10 pieces)
For steels and cast steels finishing.
DCMT32.50-HF YD201 (10 pieces)
For cast irons finishing
DCMT3(2.5)0-HF YBG205 (10 pieces)
For stainless steels finishing with strong cutting edge.
DCMT3(2.5)0-HF YBG202 (10 pieces)
For finishing of various materials, particularly steels, cast iron and stainless steel.
DCMT3(2.5)0-EF YBG202 (10 pieces)
For steels, stainless steels, high temp. alloys finishing
DCMT3(2.5)0-EF YBG205(10 pieces)
For Stainless steels finishing
DCMT3(2.5)0-AHF YBG205 (10 pieces)
For finishing of stainless steels on small workpieces that require high surface smoothness.
DCMT3(2.5)0-AHF YB9320 (10 pieces)
For finishing of Stainless Steels (M), Heat-Resistant Alloys and Titanium-Based Alloys (S)