For ISO Metric Thread (10 pieces)

Item# RIGM22350-550

Product Description

Cutting Type: Internal, right hand thread cutting with cresting

Thread Profile: ISO Metric 60 degrees

Insert Grade: YBG201

Grade Description: TiN + nc-TiAlN nano PVD coating on fine grain carbide

Workpiece Material (ISO): P10-P30, M10-M30, K10-K30, N10-N30, S10-S30

Part Number Pitch (mm) S (mm) I.C (mm) d (mm)
  RT22.01N-3.50GM 3.50 5.56 12.7 5.5
  RT22.01N-5.50GM 5.50 5.56 12.7 5.5

Note: Product sold in pack of 10 units.