Item# CM-4310000480
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Product Description

Dimension (inch): H x B=1.000 x 1.000, L=6.000, S=0.925, W=0.157, ar(max)=0.866

Applications: External right hand parting, grooving & turning

Associated Inserts:

For parting: ZPGD0402-MG YBG302, ZPGD0402-MG YBG202

For grooving and turning: ZTGD0404-MG YBC251, ZTGD0404-MG YBG302, ZTGD0404-MG YBG202

Associated Accessories:

Screw: M6×20 (GB70-85) Wrench: WH50L

Note: Tool holder sold without inserts. Torque wrench and tightening screws included.