RCKT2006MO-ER YBM253(10 pieces)

RCKT2006MO-ER YBM253(10 pieces)
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Product Description

Part Number: RCKT2006MO-ER YBM253

ISO Type: RCKT2006MO-ER YBM253

Grade: YBM253. Chip Breaker: ER

Grade Description: TiCN + Ultrafine Al2O3 (CVD) Coated High-Strength Carbide

Workpiece Material (ISO): Steels (P25-35) Stainless Steels (M10-M30)

Dimension (inch): I.C.=0.787, S=0.250, d=0.258

Application: With specially designed ER chip breaker, this insert is primarily for rough milling of stainless steels.

Associated milling cutter: FMR02

Note: Product sold in packs of 10 units.