SDMT433-PM YBM253 (10 pieces)

SDMT433-PM YBM253 (10 pieces)
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Product Description

SDMT433-PM YBM253 (10 pieces)
Part Number: SDMT433-PM YBM253

ISO Type: SDMT120412-PM

Chip Breaker: PM. Grade: YBM253.

Grade Description: TiCN + ultrafine Al2O3 CVD coating on high-toughness gradient fine carbide substrate.

Workpiece Material (ISO): Stainless Steel (M20-M35), Steel (P25-P40)

Dimension (inch): α=15°, L=0.500, r=0.047, S=0.187, d=0.173, I.C.=0.500

Application: The insert has sharp and strong cutting edge and high wear resistance. It is ideal for high-speed rough milling of stainless steels and general-purpose milling of steels at high speeds in normal machining conditions.

Associated Milling Cutters: XMR01 (3/4