SEET4(2.5)-DF YBG202 (10 pieces)

SEET4(2.5)-DF YBG202 (10 pieces)
Item# SEET12T3-DF_YBG202
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Product Description

Part Number: SEET4(2.5)-DF YBG202


Chip Breaker: DF. Grade: YBG202

Grade Description: Nano-structured nc-TiAlN (PVD) coated carbide

Workpiece Material (ISO): Stainless Steels (M10-M30), Heat-Resistant Alloys (S05-S20), Steels (P10-P30)

Dimension (inch): L=0.528, ΦI.C.=0.528, S=0.156, Φd=0.161, bs=0.100

Application: With advanced PVD nano coating on ultrafine carbide, this insert has strong cutting edges and offers high wear and buildup resistance. With sharp edges it is ideal for high speed finish face milling of a wide range of materials, particularly stainless steels and heat resistant alloys.

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