Grade for Solid Carbide Drill (KDG3013)

KDG3013 for General-Purpose Metal Drilling

Grade Description: AlCrN (aluminum–chromium–nitride) Coated Fine Carbide

This grade has AlCrN (aluminum–chromium–nitride) coating on fine carbide. With special heat-treatment and composite microstructure, it offers superb hot hardness with extraordinary wear resistance even under extreme mechanical stress conditions.

Compared to conventional cutting tool coatings such as TiN, TiCN or AlTiN, the coating of KDG3013 contains chromium that replaces titanium in conventional coatings. This creates a better material structure that has lower friction coefficient and lower thermal conductivity at high temperatures, and protects carbide from degrading in performance. KDG3013 has improved cutting performance for a wide range of workpiece materials, especially gray and ductile irons, hard and mild alloy steels, and also aerospace metals. In many cases KDG3013 also has better performance in dry and high speed metal cutting than AlTiN coating.