SPMX07T308-LM YB9320 (10 pieces)

SPMX07T308-LM YB9320 (10 pieces)
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Product Description

Product Number: SPMX07T308-LM YB9320

ISO Type: SPMX07T308-LM YB9320

Chip Breaker: LM. Grade: YB9320

Grade Description: Special multi-layer PVD TiAlN-based nano coating on fine-grained carbide

Work pieces material: P materials (Mild Steels)

Insert Type for Drilling: Peripheral and central drilling insert

Dimension (inch): I.C.=0.313, S=0.156, d=0.110, r=0.031

Application: The LM chip breaker is an ideal geometry for soft steels to prevent chip-wrapping. The YB9320 is a PVD coating grade for general purpose drilling of P, M, K, N materials. This peripheral /central insert is an ideal for drilling of mild steels.

Note: Product sold in a pack of 10 units