SPGT060204-PM YBG205 (10 pieces)

SPGT060204-PM YBG205 (10 pieces)
Item# SPGT060204PM_YBG205
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Product Description

Part Number: SPGT060204-PM YBG205

ISO Type: SPGT060204

Chip Breaker: PM. Grade: YBG205

Grade Description: Ultra-fine Nano-TiAlN PVD Coated Fine Carbide

Workpiece Material (ISO): Various Materials

Insert Type for Drilling: Peripheral drilling insert

Dimension (inch): L=0.236, I.C=0.236, S=0.094, d=0.102, r=0.016

Application: This indexable insert has highly wear-resistant coating and high edge strength. With special PM chip breaker, it is used on ZTD Series Drills as peripheral insert in conjunction with SPGT060204-PM YBG212 insert as central insert for general-purpose drilling of a broad range of materials at high speeds under challenging working conditions.

Associated Drills: ZTD series indexable drills

Note: Product sold in packs of 10 units