WNMG432-WG YBC252 (10 pieces)

WNMG432-WG YBC252 (10 pieces)
Item# WNMG080408-WG_YBC252
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Product Description

WNMG432-WG YBC252 (10 pieces)

ISO Type: WNMG080408-WG

Grade: YBC252. Geometric Feature: Wiper

Grade Description: Thick TiCN + thick Al2O3 coating on carbide, a grade of Black Diamond Series For Steel Machining (color: black)

Workpiece Material (ISO): P10-P30

Dimension (inch): L=0.343, I.C.=0.500, S=0.187, d=0.203, r=0.031

Application: With a thick double-layer coating and strong carbide substrate, the insert offers high cutting edge strength and deformation resistance. It is excellent for finishing of a wide range of steels. It performs well in demanding and dry cutting condition with improved tool life. The wiper design allows doubling the feedrate while producing the same surface finish.

Note: Product sold in packs of 10 units.