WNMG332-EF YBG205 (10 pieces)

WNMG332-EF YBG205 (10 pieces)
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Product Description

Part Number: WNMG332-EF YBG205

ISO Code: WNMG060408-EF YBG205

Chip Breaker: EF. Grade: YBG205

Grade Description: An advanced AlTiN coating on ultrafine-grained carbide with special chemistry and surface treatment, a Nano Coating grade

Workpiece Material (ISO): Stainless Steels (M15-M35)

Dimension (inch): L=0.256, ΦI.C.=0.375, S=0.187, Φd=0.150, r=0.031

Application: This insert has a highly engineered hard nano coating and special carbide substrate that offers strong bonding and cutting edge integrity. It is an excellent choice for finishing of stainless steels on small workpieces, particularly those that require high surface finish.

Depth of Cut (ap): 0.05-1 mm. Feed Rate (fn): 0.05-0.3 mm/r. Speed (vc): 170-300 m/min

Note: Product sold in packs of 10 units.

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