WNMG331-EM YBG205 (10 Pieces)

WNMG331-EM YBG205 (10 Pieces)
Item# WNMG060404-EM_YBG205
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Product Description

WNMG331-EM YBG205 (10 Pieces)
Part Number: WNMG331-EM YBG205

ISO Code: WNMG060404-EM YBG205

Chip Breaker: EM. Grade: YBG205

Grade Description: An advanced AlTiN coating on ultrafine-grained carbide with special chemistry and surface treatment, a Nano Coating grade

Workpiece Material (ISO): Stainless Steels (M15-M35)

Dimension (inch): L=0.256, I.C.=0.375, S=0.187, d=0.150, r=0.016

Application: This insert has a highly engineered hard nano coating and special carbide substrate that offers strong bonding and cutting edge integrity. It is an excellent choice for semi-finishing to medium machining of stainless steels on small workpieces.

Depth of Cut (ap): 0.5-1.5 mm. Feed Rate (fn): 0.1-0.3 mm/r. Speed (vc): 170-300 m/min

Note: Product sold in packs of 10 units.

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