WPGT080615ZSR YBM351 (10 pieces)

WPGT080615ZSR YBM351 (10 pieces)
Item# WPGT080615ZSR_YBM351
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Product Description

WPGT080615ZSR YBM351 (10 pieces)
ISO Type: WPGT080615ZSR

Chipbreaker: General Type; Grade: YBM351

Grade Description: TiCN+thin Al2O3+TiN coating with high toughness substrate.

Workpiece Material (ISO): Steels (P25-P40), Stainless Steels (M20-M35)

Dimension (inch): r=0.059, Φd=0.217, S=0.250, ΦI.C=0.506

Application: This insert offers excellent combination of toughness and wear resistance with strong cutting edges. It is an excellent choice for general high feed milling (HFM) of stainless steels and alloyed steels in tough machining condition.

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Note: Product sold in packs of 10 units.