PVD Coated Carbide Grades for Metal Milling

Insert Grades For Cast Iron, Steel and Stainless Steel Milling: YBG102, YBG202, YBG205, YBG302, YB9320

Nano-structured nc-TiAlN (PVD) coated carbide

YBG Grade Description
Nano PVD TiAlN coating with ultrafine microstructure on high-strength carbide substrate
YBG102 (ISO Class: K05-K20)
This nano coating grade with fine-grained carbide offers highly smooth insert surface. It is suitable for finish through semi-finish milling of cast irons.

YBG202 (ISO Class: P10-P30, M10-M30, S05-S20)
This nano coating grade has ultra-fine grain tungsten carbide substrate. It helps make strong cutting edge and enhance wear and buildup resistance. This grade is versatile for finish through semi-finish milling of a wide range of materials, particularly stainless steels and heat-resistant alloys.

YBG205 (ISO Class: M10-M30)
This grade has ultra-fine grain tungsten carbide substrate coated with nano-TiAlN. It offers superb high temperature wear resistance. This grade is suitable for finish and semi-finish milling of stainless steels.

YBG212 (ISO Class: S20-S30)
Nc-TiAIN coating combined with super tough substrate. This grade is suitable for finishing and roughing materials which are hard to be machined.

YBG302 (ISO Class: P25-P40, M25-M40)
This nano coating grade with special surface treatment and highly engineered carbide substrate has strong bonding and cutting edge integrity. Inserts with this grade are recommended for medium machining through rough milling of steels and stainless steels.

YB9320 (new!) (ISO Class: P10-P30, M10-M30)
Nano-TiAIN PVD coating on high strength fine carbide substrate. The new coating technology increases the coating/substrate bonding that results in excellent combination of toughness and hardness. Inserts in this grade are suitable for a wide range of machining of stainless steels and steels. Top 5 milling inserts in this grade:

  • APKT160408-APM YB9320
  • APKT11T308-APM YB9320