Uncoated Carbide Grades for Non-Ferrous Metal Milling

Insert Grade For Aluminum Alloys and Non-Ferrous Metal Milling: YD101, YD201 (Uncoated Carbide)

Grade: YD101 (ISO Class: N05-N25)

Grade Description

The grade is made of uncoated fine tungsten carbide, with superior thermal deformation resistance and edge wear resistance. It is excellent for finish to semi-finish milling of aluminum alloys, and other non-ferrous metals.

Grade: YD201 (ISO Class: K15-K35, N15-N30)

Grade Description

This grade is made of uncoated carbide with excellent wear resistance and toughness. It is suitable for semi-finish through rough milling of non-ferrous metals and cast irons at medium to high cutting speeds with sharp edge and low cutting forces.