Item# ZTD04-1406-XP150-SP11-02
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Product Description

Part Number: ZTD04-1.406"-XP1.50"-SP11-02

Hole Length to Diameter Ratio: 4

Mounting Type: Weldon Shank

Dimension (inch) : ěD=1.406, ěD1=1.50, ěD2=1.85, L2=2.76, L1=5.82, L=9.76

Required Inserts:

One each of SPGT110408-PM YBG205 , SPGT110408-PM YBG212 for various metal drilling

One each of SPGT110408-EM YBG205 , SPGT110408-EM YBG212 for stainless steel drilling

Associated Accessories:

Screw (I60M4x10), Wrench (WT15IP)

Note: ZTD drill is sold with screw and wrench. Inserts are not included.

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