ZTHS0504-MG YBG302 (10 pieces)

ZTHS0504-MG YBG302 (10 pieces)
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Product Description

ISO Type: ZTKS0504

Chipbreaker: MG (round and curved edge for general-cutting purpose)

Grade: YBG302 (nc-TiAlN nano PVD coating on high toughness carbide)

Workpiece Material (ISO): Steels (P15-P35), Stainless Steels (M15-M35), Cast Irons (K15-K35)

Dimension (inch): S (0, +0.004)=0.197, R (+/- 0.002)=0.016

Application: This single-edged insert has an advanced hard PVD coating on a high toughness carbide substrate. It is ideal for semi-finish through rough grooving and turning of steels, stainless steels and cast irons in unfavorable machining conditions.

Note: Product sold in packs of 10 units.