CA1000, CN1000, CN2000

Ceramic Insert Grade For Steel and Cast Iron Turning

CN2000: Si3N4-Based Ceramic (ISO Class: P15-P30, K15-K30)

CN2000 Grade Description

CN2000 is a Si3N4-based substrate grade. It offers excellent wear-resistance with high toughness. It is a premium grade for continuous and interrupted machining of steel and gray cast iron. Also suitable for machining die tool steel and other wear-resistant materials.

  • Grade CN1000: Si3N4-Based Ceramic
    (ISO Class: K01-P15)

    CN1000 Grade Description

    Substrate of this grade is Si3N4. It's an optimal performance on against cracking of cutting edge and thermal shocking. It is suitable for fine finish and medium finish machining of gray cast iron. It shows good performance during heavy loading and intermittent cutting the surface of cast material.

  • Grade CA1000: Al2O3 + TiCN Based Ceramic
    (ISO Class: P05-P20, K10-K20)

    CA1000 Grade Description

    Substrates of this grade are Al2O3 and TiCN. It has good performance of good wear-resistance and safety cutting edge. It is suitable for continuous machining of hardened steel and nodular cast iron.