Carbide Mart - Reliable Supplier of Quality Cutting Tools at Low Price

Carbide Mart is a USA developer and distributor of high quality cutting tools and wear parts made of cemented carbide and other hard materials. We offer a broad selection of products to meet various industrial metal cutting and wear application needs. Engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, our products are priced competitively to bring the maximum value to our customers from a broad range of industries, such as tier-one automotive suppliers and hundreds of machine shops across the North America.

Carbide Mart delivers unbeatable value with high product quality and fine services for quick response, fast delivery and technical assistance. Our customers have seen significant cost savings on machining (50% in some cases). Contact us at to ask for cross-over, and start saving today.

Featured Products: Deep Parting and Grooving Tool Assembly

Single-Edged Parting/Grooving Inserts (ZP_S)
Single-edge parting/grooving inserts
QE Series External Parting/Grooving Blades
Parting/grooving blades for ZP_S inserts
QES Series Parting/Grooving Blade Holders
Parting/grooving blade holders for insert blades