YBM151, YBM251, YBM253, YBM351

Insert Grades For Stainless Steel Turning

Grade Description: TiCN + Al2O3 + TiN (CVD) Coated Carbide

YBM151 (ISO Class: M05-M30)
The grade has a Ti(CN),thick layer Al2O3,TiN CVD coating on carbide substrate with special surface treatment. Inserts of this grade have strong resistance to diffusive wear and plastic deformation. It is suitable for semi-finishing to finishing (turning and boring) of stainless steels.

YBM251 (ISO Class: M10-M30)
This is a premium grade for medium machining to light roughing (turning and boring) of stainless steels at continuous or interrupted machining condition.

YBM253 (ISO Class: M15-M35)
This grade has a highly engineered gradient and ultrafine carbide substrate and nano coating that offers great high cutting edge strength and wear resistance. Inserts with this grade are highly recommended for aggressive machining of stainless steels with high feed rate and large cutting depth at low to medium speeds.