YBM251, YBM253, YBM351

*Milling Grades For Steels and Stainless Steels: YBM251, YBM253, YBM351

TiCN + Al2O3 + TiN (CVD) Coated Carbide

Grade: YBM251 (ISO Class: P15-40, M10-M30)

With strong and high-toughness substrate and coating, this grade is suitable for medium through rough milling of steels and stainless steels.

Grade: YBM351 (ISO Class: P25-P40, M20-M35)

With a highly engineered gradient and ultrafine carbide substrate and nano coating, this grade offers great high cutting edge strength and wear resistance. Inserts with this grade are highly recommended for rough milling of steels and stainless steels.

*Milling Grade For Stainless Steels: YBM253 (ISO Class: M10-M30)

TiCN + Ultrafine Al2O3 (CVD) Coated Carbide

The grade has a combination of gradient substrate and multi-layer coating composed of TiCN and ultra fine Al2O3 that offers excellent strength and toughness. It is the primary grade for stainless steels rough milling.