CVD Coated Carbide Grades for Steel Turning

YBC151, YBC251, YBC351 Grade Description: MT-TiCN + Al2O3 + TiN (CVD) Coated Carbide

Grade Description
Golden color TiN coating layer for friction reduction and wear identification
Special Al2O3 coating layer for excellent heat insulation for ensuring high speed cutting and deformation resistance of carbide substrate
TiCN coating layer for maximizing rake wear resistance
Tough and high impact and wear resistant carbide substrate made with special sintering process for high cutting edge strength

  • YBC151 (ISO Class (P10-P15)
    The special multi-layer coating offers superb wear resistance and smooth surface finish. The substrate provides great deformation resistance. This grade is an excellent choice for finish to semi-finish turning Steels in dry condition.

  • YBC251 (ISO Class: P10-P30)
    Substrate with good toughness and high security of cutting edge, this grade is an excellent choice for general-purpose semi-finishing of steels, cast steels and stainless steels.

  • YBC351 (ISO Class: P20-P40)
    The grade has great combination of high cutting edge strength and deformation resistance, suitable for light to medium roughing operations on a variety of steels.

  • YBC152, YBC252, YBC6315 Grade Description: Thick TiCN + Thick Al2O3 (CVD) Coated Carbide (Black Diamond Grade for Steels)

    YBC152, 252 Grade Description

  • YBC152 (ISO Class: P10-P20)
    The grade has special thick and smooth multi-layer coatings that offer outstanding wear resistance and good toughness. It is a premium grade for semi-finishing and finishing steels at high speeds.

  • YBC252 (ISO Class: P15-P35)
    A thick double-layer coating on a strong carbide substrate offers high cutting edge strength and deformation resistance. The grade is versatile and excellent for medium machining through roughing operation on a wide range of steels. It is highly recommended as premium grade in demanding and dry cutting condition with improved tool life.

  • YB6315 (ISO Class: P10-P35) (New!)
    This grade has newly designed gradient carbide substrate and improved CVD coating, resulting in much improved toughness and wear resistance with high coating bonding. Insert with this grade has long and stable cutting performance with high surface quality in high-speed semi-finishing through roughing of steels.