Grades for Turning and Parting/Grooving

CVD Coated Carbide Grades (YBC103, YBC203) for High-Performance Steel Turning
- YBC151, YBC251, YBC351, YBC152, YBC252, YBC352, YB6315
- YBM151, YBM153, YBM251, YBM253
PVD Coated Carbide Grade YBG205H for High-Performance Turning Stainless Steel and Steel (New!)
- YBG102, YBG105, YBG202, YBG205, YBG302, YB9320, YBS103
- YBD052, YBD102, YBD151, YBD152, YBD152C, YBD252, YB7305, YB7310, YB7315
- CA1000, CN1000, CN2000
Cermet and PVD coated cermet for super-finishing and finishing of steels, stainless steels and cast irons (YNG151 YNG151C)
PCBN for steels and cast irons, PCD for non-ferrous metals and nonmetallic materials (YCD011, YCB011, YCB012)