RDKW43MO YBM351 (10 pieces)

RDKW43MO YBM351 (10 pieces)
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Product Description

Part Number: RDKW43MO YBM351

ISO Type: RDKW1204MO YBM351

Grade: YBM351. Chip Breaker: through type

Grade Description: PVD TiCN + thin Al2O3 + TiN coated high toughness carbide

Workpiece Material (ISO): P25-P40, M20-M35

Dimension (inch): I.C.=0.472, S=0.186, d=0.173

Application: The insert offers great combination of toughness and wear resistance. It is an excellent choice for general milling of steels and stainless steels at low to medium speeds.

Associated milling cutter: FMR03 or FMR04

Note: Product sold in packs of 10 units.