CNGA432T01515 YCB011

CNGA432T01515 YCB011
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Product Description

Part Number: CNGA432T01515 YCB011

ISO Type: CNGA120408T01515

Number of PCBN Tip: 1, Grade: YCB011

Grade Description: Fine carbide substrate brazed with high PCBN content tip

Workpiece Material: Cast Iron (K05-K15), Hardened Steel

Dimension (inch): ΦI.C.=0.500, S=0.18, Φd=0.203, r=0.031, la=0.0945

Chamfer Width: 0.006, Chamfer Angle: 15˚

Application: This insert has a single brazed PCBN tip that offers superb wear and heat resistance. It is ideal for heavy interrupted turning of cast irons and hardened steels with 45-65 HRC.

Associated Toolholders (items for CN43_ _ inserts)
  • DCLN R/L for external turning with double (D) clamps
  • MCLN R/L for external turning with multi (M) clamps
  • PCLN R/L for internal turning in steel boring bar