Parting Blade Holders, External Parting/Grooving Blade and Parting inserts (Deep Parting and Grooving Tool)

Product Information Files: Parting Blade Holder and External Parting Blade

Deep Parting and Grooving Tool is a 3-piece parting/grooving assembly that consists of a single-edge parting inserts, parting blade and blade holder. It offers excellent operating rigidity and broad parting or grooving depth range. The following steps should be followed when selecting the right assembly to suit your application:

1. Insert Selection: Select sing-edge parting insert (parting inserts ZP*S**) from the single-edge insert group based on desired cutting edge width (S) (or W for parting blade in Step 2). For parting application, cutting edge width may not be as critical as other parameters explained in the following steps.

2. Blade Selection: Blade is holder of parting/grooving insert. Once an insert is chosen, go to the parting blade group to select appropriate parting blade that matches the insert. ΦD(max) is an important parameter that indicates the maximum parting diameter or groove depth of workpiece to be machined. There are 2 size groups of blades in terms of Height (H) and length (L): one group has H and L of 4.331 and 1.024, and the other 5.906 and 1.260.

3. Parting Blade Holder Selection: For the chosen parting insert and blade, go to the blade holder group to select an appropriate parting blade holder. There are two sizes of blade holders in terms of total length (L): 3.386 and 4.331. As a rule of the selection, QZS_-26 blade holders (L=3.386) match QE_ -26N blades, and QZS_ -32 blade holders (L=4.331) match QE_ 32N blades. Then among different variations, choose the one that has an appropriate cutting height (H).

You may need to go through a couple of iterations to optimize and finalize your selection. Contact customer service if you have any questions.

Single-Edged Parting Inserts (ZP_S)
Single-edge parting inserts (ZP_S inserts)
QE Series External Parting/Grooving Blades
Parting/grooving blades for ZP_S inserts
QZS Series Parting/Grooving Blade Holders
Parting/grooving blade holders for insert blades