Drilling Diameter: 11.10mm-20.00mm(0.4375"-0.7874")

   Drill Type: 5D, Straight Shank
   Cooling Method: Internal
   Grade: KDG3013
   Grade Description: New AlCrN coated carbide with great bonding and excellent wear resistance

   Application Highlights and Main Product Features:

  • General-purpose and versatile high efficiency drilling of a variety of steels, stainless steels and cast irons
  • Innovative ALCRONA coating with better wear resistance than Ti-based coating for both low and high speed drilling, with minimized cutting resistance for smoother chip evacuation and better surface quality
  • High-strength linear cutting edge and optimized drilling point design for better drilling performance
  • Double line cutting edge design for improved drilling stability

Drill Diameter (d1) Range: 11.10 mm-20.00 mm. All Dimensions in mm

Part Number Drill Dia. (d1) Shank Dia. (d2) Overall Length (L1) Flute Length (L2) Recom. Drilling Depth (L3) Shank Length (L4)